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Are you happy with your weight?

Here’s What I Learned!

Discover How My Most Successful Clients Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Transform Their Bodies Naturally

Simple, Convenient, No Diets, No Extreme Workouts

Can You Relate?

Your smart, professional, and got it going on…

A chronic multitasker and do-it-yourself expert.

The go-to woman at the office.

The busy woman that gets things done.

Working from sunset to sundown.

Except there is one little problem —

The image in the bedroom mirror reflects a body out of control.

You don’t feel like a “brick house” anymore.

About 30 pounds overweight. Maybe more?

Wait for a second! Who is that person?

Well, that was me before I did something about it!

I was struggling with weight gain, tight-fitting clothes, bloating, and constipation.

I remember when my doctor told me that I was going through menopause, and my metabolism had slowed to a screeching halt!

She told me that “some women gain a little weight, and some gain a lot of weight.” Emphasis on “a lot.”

At that moment, I felt like I had no control. I had packed on too much weight, and my Body Mass Index (BMI) told the real story…

But, I was determined to get my body back.

So instead of focusing on everybody else and their demands, I decided to focus on myself.

Lose the weight, get toned, and healthy-looking again.

The Truth Will Set You Free!

A healthy body thrives and moves without limits

It doesn’t need a fad diet. It craves proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and adequate supplementation.

Live by slight edge thinking

Focus on making small incremental steps of progress. Over time, these changes result in long-term and permanent results.

Knowledge is power

I believe that knowledge is power when applied in the right way. You are smart, educated and knowledgeable. Let’s keep you living long enough to experience your dreams.

Biological age is just a number

Life is defined by your thoughts, actions, and feelings. That is why, on most days, I don’t remember how old I am. When your doctor says, you are healthy and look 10 years younger than you are. That makes for a great day.

One-size-fit-all diet and exercise programs don't work

Women have unique body types, medical history, stress levels, time constraints, dietary preferences, and exercise ability. One-size-fit-all programs are a recipe for failure.

Expect to WIN

Here’s my promise to you. You will get a QUICK WIN with your health and fitness goal. Then, I’ll show you how to WIN BIG for the long lasting and permanent results.

. When You Get Clear, Things Happen

When I realized I had to do something about my weight, I did what every do-it-yourself, smart woman does…

I went straight to Google and read everything I could find about how to speed up my metabolism, how to fix menopause, how to build muscle, and how to lose fat.  I even attended a Shaun T Bootcamp with my daughter.

With so much information to consume, it was overwhelming. Keto, Mediterranean, and Paleo diets.  Intermittent fasting and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  21-day fixes and 30-day challenges with no long term focus.

Sound familiar?

How do you apply this information and REALLY make it stick  – for you?

With some trial and error, I started having small wins and decided to dig in.

So, I became certified in fitness nutrition and online training and created a Blueprint that finally worked. I lost more than 20 pounds. But even better, I lost fat and gained muscle.

Today, I help other professional women get clear of the noise and create your personal Blueprint. So you can feel good about your body.  Lose weight, gain energy and live a fit and vibrant lifestyle.

My Credentials

From Insurance Executive to Nutrition & Fitness Coach

For 23 years, I worked as a research analyst and VP of Applied Research & Development for Swiss Re America Holding Corporation.

I created benchmarking systems and programs to help Life Insurance Companies identify the healthiest people to offer insurance policies.

When the chance arose to take early retirement in 2018, I jumped at the opportunity to further my passion for Nutrition and Fitness coaching.

So now, instead of helping, companies identify healthy people. I help people get healthy and live a long life.

Over 21,000 have benefited.

My wellness programs and offers have helped thousands of health advocates and their families, men, and women to realize their goals.

I’m a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science in Management degree.

I earned the Elite Trainer certification from the International Sports Sciences Association.

Online Trainer Certification from the Online Training Academy.

And PN1 Nutrition Coach from Precision Nutrition Inc.

What Is Healthy Body Coaching?

Your Success Blueprint!





Designed with YOU in mind

A personalized and easy to follow process, so you don’t waste money on programs and products that don’t consider your individual goals and lifestyle preferences

Science backed nutrition advice

Learn to eat in a way that supports weight loss and gut health so your immune system stays healthy

Realistic solutions

Discover affordable recipes that fill you up, so you can feel good about your food choices

Proper exercise instruction so you stay safe

Learn how to modify exercises to build muscle and strength without hurting the joints and causing injury

At your fingertips 24/7 with my coaching app

You get daily instruction, motivation and accountability right in the palm of your hand, so you can work on the right activities at the right time, without guessing about what you should do next

Get results on your own terms

Lose 20, 30 or more pounds permanently without counting calories, giving up the foods you love, and spending hours at the gym

Together We Can Achieve More


Together, we’ll work with your desires and preferences to create your blueprint to get healthier, lose weight, gain energy, and naturally transform your body.

You’ll look good and feel fit and vibrant again.

And, we’ll do this WITHOUT relying on complicated diets or extreme exercise.

Losing those extra pounds is just the beginning.

I firmly believe that you can live well into your 80’s and 90’s in good health, without pain and strife.

And one of my core values is to bring you solutions that are physician and dietitian-approved.

Let’s work together on your weight loss blueprint. 



What Others Are Saying

Pamela Smith

Founder, Love Solutions Retreats

On The Lighter Side 


My Free Time...

  • Tell me about a good comedy and I’ll go see it. I like binge watching standup’s on Netflix.
  • You might find me and my husband Ray strolling through an Open House on Sunday afternoon, just to see what’s new and innovative on the home front.

Introverted And Adventurous...

  • I consider myself an introvert that loves a good adventure –  like Ziplining in Belize and cruising the Caribbean Islands on the biggest ship I can find.
  • Parasailing is on my bucket list of things I must do.

I Think This Is Pretty Cool...

  • Two of my cousins are retired U.S. Olympic track and field athletes.  One has a single gold Olympic medal. The other has three gold, one silver and two bronze Olympic medals.
  • I was an athlete in high school and often wonder what might have happened if I had won a few more 100 yard dashes.  You never know?

Working Together

Breakthrough Session

Take advantage of my complimentary 30-minute Losing Weight at 50+ Breakthrough Session, where I coach you on your next steps forward. Risk-free, no obligations.

Weight Loss & Fitness Programs

I help you reach your goals in a way that considers your personal needs, preferences, and lifestyle choices.

It begins with a Getting Started Nutrition and Workout Plan.

From there, you’ll enroll in my 16-Week Weight Loss Intensive & Support Membership or get 1-on-1 personal attention with my Total Transformation Mastery Program.

Daily Motivation & Accountability!

Need a little kick in the pants each day to stay motivated?  Then join my new Facebook group.  Share your journey with other women who are living healthier and happier.

I’m in there too, cheering you on!

Take Action Now!


That was a lot of information I just shared. And now, it’s time to take action!

Book a call today, so I can help you choose a clear path forward!

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Are you ready? 

Discover How My Most Successful Clients Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Transform Their Bodies Naturally

Simple, Convenient, No Diets, No Extreme Workouts

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